Bellus Inn Front Door
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Let's wear Bellus
for all your Space

From the Latin

From the ancestral name of 3 brothers

As a brand name and the company's
image concept, Bellus means
”elegant and beautiful” from the Latin.
Also Bellus is the primary purpose of our creative design team.

The logo based on
a concept of home
and combined with the original
furniture and lighting.
Bow figure, the symbol of oriental
etiquette, expresses the meaning of
humility and welcome to Bellus.

"Bellus Design"
Bellus office space, created by the fusion of
Eastern and Western style combined with aesthetic,
is the creative base of each case design.
We take into consideration from interior design to furnishings decorating, with the intersection of Contemporary Art and Architecture Humanities so that to create a modern space with an elegant taste of home life for every Bellus customer.

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